Emotionally Healthy Church

It's been said before but we are living in some unsettling times. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are experiencing an array of emotions on a daily basis. Some of us are feeling anxious about our job security while others are angry about the issues of justice in our country. Many are experiencing loneliness from social isolation, fearful about what's to come, and frustrated about circumstances beyond our control. This series is not a step by step guide on how to make us emotionally healthy. Rather, it is an opportunity to identify and express our emotions as part of our own discipleship process and growth to ultimately make us more like Christ. We have a God who does not desire for us to simply paint a smile on our face and feign positivity. Rather, He wants us to trust that He can handle our mess, our deepest sorrows, and most elevated joys. We believe in a Savior who came down from Heaven's heights because He wanted us to feel the weight of His words when He says that He understands. He empathizes because He Himself experienced it. Christ felt every emotion and He expressed them openly and honestly and we get to live our lives in accordance to the example He set out for us.