The Liturgical Life

We all have daily liturgies. We have certain rhythms, habits, routines, and rituals that reveal what we love and what matters to us. What story does our liturgy tell? Our hope is that through this series, we would begin to reshape and redirect our liturgies in a way that allows the Holy Spirit to transform us into people who look like Jesus. We want to use Jesus' life as a model for practices we can incorporate into our lives that help us to walk in step with the Spirit. Our faith in Jesus is not just a set of beliefs but a way of life. These spiritual practices are not meant to feel like a set of rules or duties we need to fulfill but rather gifts to organize our lives in such a way that allows us to experience the fullness of God's love and grace that has already been given to us. It is to offer us a way of life that leads to true rest and abundance.

Making space in our lives to practice the liturgies covered in this curriculum may feel challenging at times. But we encourage you to bring your full honest selves, trusting that Christ's grace is always there to receive you. We believe in the power of doing these spiritual practices together as a community and we are so excited to see the ways God will work in our lives as individuals and collectively as a church body.

If you and/or your group have any questions about the curriculum, we invite you to reach out to our Community Life Director - Hanah Kim.