The Gospel of Mark

The book of Mark specifically addresses the question: Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? The Messiah was a royal figure, usually called the Son of God, who Israel was expecting to come and set up a kingdom on Earth. During this time, Israel was occupied by Rome and therefore many of the Israelites believed that this Messiah would come specifically to overthrow the Roman Empire and rule as king. Jesus did not overthrow the Roman Empire but was in fact killed by them.

How does one become a disciple of Jesus? Mark would argue that discipleship is a relationship with Jesus. It means to love Him, obey Him, trust Him, and live your life the way Christ led His. Following Jesus and having a relationship with Him also meant and still means to be prepared to face the kind of rejection, persecution, and suffering that Jesus faced. The Gospel of Mark paints a picture of what it means to be a disciple of the rejected king.